New records of Campopleginae for Italy (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

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Filippo Di Giovanni *
Matthias Riedel
(*) Corresponding Author:
Filippo Di Giovanni |


The present study is based on material collected through an intensive sampling in north-eastern Italy, with thirteen species of the subfamily Campopleginae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) newly recorded for Italy: Campoletis agilis (Holmgren, 1860), C. thomsoni (Roman, 1915), Campoplex punctulatus (Szépligeti, 1916), C. rothi (Holmgren, 1860), Diadegma annulicrus (Thomson, 1887), Echthronomas ochrostoma (Holmgren, 1860), Hyposoter coxator (Thomson, 1887), H. discedens (Schmiedeknecht, 1909), H. meridionellator Aubert, 1965, H. tenuicosta (Thomson, 1887), Olesicampe binotata (Thomson, 1887), Rhimphoctona melanura (Holmgren, 1860) and Sinophorus nitidus (Brischke, 1880). Hyposoter meridionellator Aubert, 1965 (stat. rev.) is recognized as a different species to Hyposoter rufovariatus (Schmiedeknecht, 1909). The male of Echthronomas facialis (Thomson, 1887) and the hitherto unknown male of Echthronomas ochrostoma (Holmgren, 1860) are described for the first time. The number of Campopleginae known from Italy is raised to 245 species.

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