• Arnaldo Bordoni | arnaldo.bordoni@libero.it Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università di Firenze, sezione di Zoologia “La Specola”, Italy.


(*) 238° contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae.

The author proposes the following new synonymies: Medon petrochilosi Coiffait, 1970 = Medon impar Assing, 2004, syn. n.; Medon seleucus Bordoni, 1975 = Medon subquadratus Assing, 2004, syn. n.; Medon lydicus Bordoni, 1980 = Medon lanugo Assing, 2004, syn. n.; Medon maronitus (Saulcy, 1864) = Medon reliquus Assing, 2007, syn. n.; Xantholinus puthzi Bordoni, 1979 = Xantholinus penicillatus Assing, 2007, syn. n.; Erymus gracilis (Fauvel, 1895) = Leptacinus mirus Assing, 2011, syn. n.; Tetartopeus rufonitidus (Reitter, 1909) = Tetartopeus ciceronii Zanetti, 1998, syn. n.; Xantholinus Dejean, 1821 = Afrolinus Coiffait, 1962, syn. n. = Calolinus Coiffait, 1956, syn. n. = Heterolius Coiffait, 1983, syn. n. = Idiolinus Casey, 1906, syn. n. = Neoleptophallus Bordoni, 1985, syn. n. = Paracyclinus Bordoni, 1975, syn. n. = Polydontophallus Bordoni, 1972, syn. n. = Purrolinus Coiffait, 1956, syn. n. = Stenophallus Bordoni, 1972, syn. n. = Tetralinus Bordoni, 975, syn. n. = Toxophallus Bordoni, 1972, syn. n.; each previously recognized subgenus is here believed to represent a different species-group. The following taxa are considered valid subgenera of the genus Xantholinus: Typhlolinus Reitter, 1908; Helicophallus Coiffait, 1956, and obviously Xantholinus s. str. (linearisgroup); Neohypnus Coiffait & Saiz, 1964 = Sungaria Bordoni, 2003, syn. n. The following new combinations are subsequently established: Neohypnus mandschuricus (Bernhauer, 1923), comb. n. (East Russia, S Mongolia, Korea); Neohypnus meridionalis (Bordoni, 2003), comb. n. (Guanxi); Neohypnus rougemonti (Bordoni, 2003), comb. n. (Zhejiang, Shaanxi). The genus Sylea Bordoni, 2001 is not a synonym of Vulda Jaquelin du Val, 1853, and is here a revalidated genus, and Xantholinus kazachstanicus Janak, 1979 does not belong to Vulda or Sylea, but it certainly belongs to a different genus, till now pending a formal name, whose delimitation and possible description need additional available material.


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